TrafficZion Cloud Review – Get All the Essential Details

TrafficZion Cloud Review - Get All the Essential Details

Succeeding online may be tedious and challenging, especially when it is related to traffic generation. Until you understand what it takes to face this traffic generation hurdle, then success can come your way.

Currently, the use of traditional traffic generation products has displayed its downside and new techniques or products have emerged. Also, the use and maintenance of paid ads are becoming unsustainable for most individuals like before.

This is because the cost of using these paid ads products is constantly increasing while the traffic quality is decreasing. One of the new methods that have emerged is the Traffficzion. Since everyone’s goal is to generate earnings from traffic, we will be reviewing the Traffficzion cloud if it really works or is just a scam.

Trafficzion Cloud Review: An insight into the overview of TrafficZion?

Trafficzion Fully overview of the product

To simply put, TrafficZion is a simple-to-use software that you can use to obtain consistent human traffic for any niche on a complete autopilot via a free reputable authority platform.

It is legit software since its traffic comes from a legit and overlooked source. It virtually takes about sixty seconds to set up. The Traffficzion is a window-based app and can be compatible on Mac via parallels desktop. After setting it up, you only need to sit back and watch your traffic stat grow hourly and daily (traffic on complete autopilot).

Currently, Traffficzion has a new cloud-based software version which is an upgraded cloud version named TafficZion 2. It works on autopilot and offers a vast variety of features and benefits for individuals, as well as organizations.

About TrafficZion Creator – Deme Papadopoulos & Alek

Trafficzion Fully creators

One thing to note is that behind the scene of TrafficZion is a powerful force called Demetris Papadopoulos popularly known as DPAPA & Alek. These TrafficZion creators are two of the most famous internet marketer/s and developers in the online marketing community.

What drives them both is that they needed an automated system that is capable of building a stream of traffic at the lowest cost. As a result, they both come together to develop TrafficZion. They have been using it to send laser-targeted traffic to their website.

Initially, Demetrius invested his major effort in its digital product with the hope that he’ll build a better marketing community for all. On the other side, Alek has become the sought-after marketer icon.

In the long run, the name DPAPA & Alek became known as a result of some products known as Passion Tube Profits, Profit Sku, Profit Blog Pro, and many more.

Trafficzion Cloud Review: Features & Benefit of TrafficZion

Trafficzion More traffic More money

When you launch Trafficzion cloud, it comes with a wide variety of impressive features and benefits. They include the following:

Access to premium traffic from a source that is untapped by most digital marketers. This is true because most online marketers are not aware that this platform exists. As a result, there is almost no competition for you as the platform is unique on its own.

Increased level of passive profit: due to low competition, this platform offers people an increased level of high passive profit potential.

Unstoppable & Unlimited Traffics: The works in a way that if features hundreds of millions of active users. As new members come in with new content, the traffic to your site keeps growing every hour. Once you set it up, it becomes fully automated, and it is said to be a set & forget the traffic to your site.

You are assured of daily traffic to your site from the TrafficZiion Cloud as it works in the background to do the following:

It helps to build your list of subscribers with a targeted list

Grows and notify your followers whenever there is any update or post on your connected websites

Boost your search engine optimization score to generate extra free organic traffic from search engines

It is the only push-button software that can help you build your business with increased profit level potential

Generate hyper-engaged and laser-from a targeted traffic source back to your websites (WordPress powered)

Based on the aforementioned details, TrafficZion offers you the ability to target visitors by tags, niche, and keywords. This will help you reach your ideal audience effectively and without stress. Users of Trafficzion are those who are looking for a solution, and as a result, they are mostly action takers. This will, in turn, leads to a spike in conversion rate and profit margins.

The Buying Process of TrafficZion

Trafficzion Push Button

According to the sales page of TrafficZion, if you follow the method after purchasing the product, you will get traffic to your site. This means that you will get the people who you really want to know about whatever niche you are presenting information for.

TrafficZion Cloud promises to expose secrets of how to obtain visitors that will engage to site and blog posts. One of the lovely interesting things about TrafficZion is that while it mentions you will use WordPress for these activities, it never mentions any rigorous activities on how the system will generate the traffic back to your websites or blogs.

The official sales page website promise you will get quality traffic to your site. And it’ll be your preferred targeted traffic which will be everything you’ll need back to your WordPress blogs and websites.

Well, this may sound too good to be true, but it is the truth.

You, however, have the right to doubt it because the sales page website offers to show you TrafficZion in action, while the video showed an error when you tried to open it.

Purchasing TrafficZion

TrafficZion offers two purchase options. These two options are available for purchase at any time. The first option on their sales page website features a $47 per month sale, which includes software and training.

Other is the ability to add up to three websites and the feature with the name “tribe feature”. Step 2 of TrafficZion purchase features a $297 yearly payment with varieties of features. However, if you did not subscribe to the monthly or the annual membership, you will only have access only to the product for a month.

In addition, TafficZion offers more upsells. These upsell features more resources for $37, 67$, or $197 (per anum)

TrafficZion Upsells

Trafficzion Unlimited and unstoppable

This TrafficZion review presents all the four training courses or upsells of Trafficzion.

TrafficZion offers few upsells for grabs. With the upsells, you have access to more features that will help you achieve your goal of quality traffic to your site.

TrafficZion Tribe 

TrafficZion’s products offer users quality traffic to any niche of choice on your sites and blogs. So, this makes it possible for your target audience to view your posts.

This traffic is community-based, which means it is between other members. This feature of the upsell is needed to keep supplying the right post engagement to your WordPress blogs and website.

Another benefit of this offer is that it helps your WordPress SEO ranking (tags and keywords) on Google. Whenever you publish a post, this feature will automatically send traffic to the content on your website. This is possible as a result of the SEO ranking (tags and keywords).

TrafficZion Inner Circle – Upgrade 2

This is a ticket into the private inner circle group of TrafficZion products. This offers users a blueprint to build from scratch a cash-making machine.

On this offer, users get $280 worth of premium plugins such as;

1. All-in-one theme on WordPress and Visual Page Builder

2. New agencies and Blogger get Magzine Premium Theme

3. Users have access to e-mail opt-in Premium Plugin

4. People also have access to a social media plugin users

In addition to plugins, users also have access to a private group on which Q & A are resolved. Here, TrafficZion members come to brainstorm with one another.

You can share the progress of personal work, and you will get guidance from DPAPA on how to go about it. Isn’t that great?

Limitless Traffic plus DFY Website in any niche – Upgrade 3 ($97 – $197)

This offer features a massive value and legit shortcut for all action takers out there.

It helps you to build a WordPress website from scratch in any niche of your choice. Note that you’ll need a jetpack plugin working and installed. Jetpack will make things faster for you.

This offer helps you set it all up while the logo and branding will be taken care of.

In this upgrade, you will have access to up to 5 articles for your WordPress website & blog content you want in your preferred niche.

Another interesting thing in this review is that it helps you set up your WordPress website to start collecting leads.

People will also get Installed Premium Plugins coupled with a newly formed cache machine website.

Another upscale of this offer is that it comes with advanced premium training that covers paid traffic strategies on your site (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and many more.)

There is also access to one visual page builder and WordPress theme

New agencies and Blogger get Magzine Premium Theme

Users have access to the e-mail Optin Plugin

People also have access to a social media plugin

Agency – Upgrade 4

This is one upgrade that offers up to 30 site connections to the TrafficZion Cloud Software. This will give you the opportunity to sell to websites that need real free traffic.

It will enable you to build about traffic agency with up to 30 clients paying you for real free traffic.

This upgrade also offers people a blueprint on insight to becoming an agency with a DFY Website Template useful for selling your services.

It comes with a guarantee that you’ll make money using the TrafficZion software and landing your real clients.

Who should buy the TrafficZion?

TrafficZion Works for everyone

It does not matter if you have the online business experience or not, the TrafficZion cloud is for everyone and every business.

Are you a newbie, marketer with experience, techie, retiree, part-time marketer, student, stay-at-home parent, business owner, and many more? If YES – this software is for you to get started.

What Future Does TrafficZion hold?

Trafficzion is not simple

It is important to note that everyone wants high-quality, responsive, and targeted traffic. This means that there is a great demand for this type of service.

Currently, TrafficZion cloud offers such a service and it depicts that the future of Traffficzion cloud is fully made. This is a comment from a lot of beta testers out there.

TrafficZion cloud, according to a beta member, looks interesting and unique.

Is TrafficZion a Scam, or does TrafficZion works?

TrafficZion Our customers

A lot of beta tester’s of the TrafficZion review stressed that it is not a scam. Based on our research, it is legit and ethical software. According to our TrafficZion review, it will definitely generate the traffic you need.

For most people, it will work 100%. While for few people, it will not work. This is because these few people did not follow the simple instruction as explained by the Traffic Zion website.

Giving the Traffic Zion software a trial is worth it.

Does TrafficZion offer Money Back Guarantee?

Trafficzion Money Back Guarantee

When a program offers a money-back guarantee, then you should know that there is an element of truth in its claim.

For this software, there exists a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you test the software after purchase and you don’t get your results as regards your desired traffic, contact Demetris DPAPA via an e-mail address.

He’ll see to it that your money is 100% refunded with no hassle. This means that with this product, you have nothing to lose. You will get a refund in few business days, probably via ClickBank (affiliate marketing). This is possible through the ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Other Traffic Zion FAQ

In this TrafficZion cloud review, we understand that you may have series of questions bothering your mind. Here are answers to the likely question that may be bothering your business mind.

In a nutshell, what is TrafficZion? 

To simply put, TrafficZion is a user-friendly software that you can use to obtain consistent human traffic on complete autopilot on any niche via a free reputable traffic source.

What makes this software different from other traffic software?

As far as this software Cloud review is concerned, no other traffic software product offers a free autopilot stream of free targeted traffic. Its applicability for any niches makes it different from others.

Do users require IT skills to set TrafficZion up?

No. You do not need IT skills to set this up. It is a user-friendly app that offers a simple process for newcomers to run the software in no time. Therefore, you do not need any IT skills to pull It off.

How do I make this work? Or is there any prior experience?

It is important to note that you do not need any prior experience for Traffic Zion. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines for initial setup, and you’ll be fine with the use of this software.

Is there any paid traffic or hidden investment?

The answer is NO. The whole concept and idea behind its setup are to offer users constant and steady FREE highly targeted traffic. I believe you highlighted free. This will help you to get traffic to monetize your online business as fast as possible.

How fast can I see the result with this software?

“You will easily see results within 24 hours of set up,” – said a beta tester. This is because you are controlling the outcome on autopilot after setup.

According to a beta tester, the free traffic is already there for your online business. You only need to key into the system.

Is there any post-purchase upsell?

YES – This product features a couple of upsells after you purchase. While this purchase is optional, we advise that you consider it resourceful. This is because they are more beneficial as the main program with the assurance of fast results more than what only the software offers. This means that, in combination, they work perfectly to obtain expected results in your online business.

Will the use of TraffiZion leads to a shutdown of my WP account?

NO – This product is set up in a way that follows the rules and guidelines of the platform. It is legit, so you need not worry about a shutdown of your online business.

Author: Bobby Alexander